Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sort of his first day of school

My son Cooper is starting kindergarten in less than two weeks. It's a big day, right? He seems kind of underwhelmed. He gets that it's a new school (as it happens, it's a brand-new school building) with a different group of kids, and that he'll be staying all day, but he's not worked up about it at all. I'm glad that he's not scared or anxious but I regret that he's not more excited.
Maybe that has to do with the fact that he's been going to some sort of school since before he turned two. He doesn't ever remember not being in school and he doesn't like vacations. He likes the routine and seeing his friends and having his brain stimulated.
My first day of kindergarten was my first day of school EVER. I had no idea how to manage myself away from my mom and brother. The whole "sharing, listening, taking turns" thing was definitely not a skill I had cultivated previously and it was rather a rocky time for me.
So is it better for Cooper to not be scared even though he's losing a little of the excitement? I think so.


Cathy Noble said...

I agree...Cami is also underwhelmed. Shes been "in school" since she was 6 weeks old since I worked when she was born. I say were lucky that they have already mastered the whole routine of it and are ready to conquer new things YAY!

Ariana said...

He's going to have a great "first" day of school! I can't wait to hear all about it. Have you met his new teacher yet? What does Bailey think of Cooper going to a
new school?

Melinda said...

I think first day of 'big' school should come with a counselling session for mums! Gemma can't wait to start school (new school, new uniform, new country, new language, new teacher, new friends) but I'm a wreck!
This is the 3rd school(and country) she has been in during her little life(and the others were brand new unlike this one which is being pulled down and rebuilt next year!)and thankfully, like Cooper, she is unphased by the whole thing.
Let's meet for a virtual G&T at the end of the first day!!

Billy said...

You actually remember our first day of school??

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

I can't believe Cooper is already going to school! Wow. Time flies. I love your blog. Is Bailey in a school of some sort also so you can have some 'mommy' time??? Take care- Tiff Hayes