Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apparently I'm a Nog

My dear friend Ariana is in Norway for a year. First off, I miss her terribly and it really sucks that she's gone, especially since her daughter and mine are best buddies and Bailey misses her friend terribly too.
But - silver linings - I am learning about my heritage. I am half Norwegian, from my father. And while the country is beautiful, apparently its people are not so lovely. "Nogs" (a slang term for Norwegians, and I suspect a pejorative one) are reportedly as a whole dour, unfriendly, slightly xenophobic, averse to fun, suspicious of joy, and rather lazy - knocking off work at four every afternoon and taking the entire month of July off.

According to my source, for a Norwegian I am cheerful, accepting and optimistic. (Break while all who know me pee on themselves from laughing so hard). See? My bad attitude is not my fault. It's cultural. Don't discriminate, y'all.

One more thing - all my life I have thought my father was a grouchy, mean-spirited, arrogant, judgemental, pessimistic, Puritanical horse's ass. Turns out he's just Norwegian.


Cathy Noble said...

You are all around fabulous...half Norwegian or not! Muah!

Ariana said...

Well you are my absolute favorite nog! I miss you!!